Can't access Nitrokey Storage 2 "Can't read superblock"

It seems like I accidently unplugged the storage without first unmounting and locking the encrypted partition. Now as soon as I unlock the encrypted storage I get this message:

Error mounting /dev/sdb1 at /media/user/encrypted: can’t read superblock on /dev/sdb1

Is there any way of fixing this without loseing my files ?

Thanks for your help.


So I was able to get access to all my files and recover them. In case someone else will have to deal with this issue here is what I did.

This issue appeared duo to unplugging my Nitrokey from my work Windows PC. Back at home my Linux PCs threw the Issue above out. Because of this i tried to troubleshoot this problem at a Windows PC, but default usb tools failed to handle this issue or even accessing the encrypted storage.

I downloaded a tool that recovers broken usb devices. Duo to the fakt that the software was proprietary Software I am not going the say which one it was. In case someone else runs into this issue and finds a working foss software feel free to add it below.

So I recovered the files on the encrypted storage and then formatted it.

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Hi! I am glad you sorted this out.
You can try to use NTFS for the Encrypted Volume file system in the future as well, which potentially might be more corruption-resistant, but harder to use with Hidden Volume.
For FAT32 there should be plenty of OSS software for partition recovery, eg. testdisk. I am not experienced enough in it though.

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