Can't boot, date overflow error

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During boot Heads tells that the keys have been created 19578 days in the future, won’t boot with (goes directly to the recovery console) or without the Nitrokey (goes to Heads menu). The hwclock date is 01-01-1970. The only way to boot is to set a date prior to today through the console and copy it to hwclock, then reboot.

This happens on a NitroPad NS50 with Heads 2.4.1.
It happens on every NitroPad NS50 we have.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Try to boot.

Expected behavior
The system should boot and not lose the date.


Date in the past

Keys in the future

Setting the date to March 1st 2024 and copying it to hwclock, survives reboot . It seems that the bug is due to the leap year.

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Thanks, had exactly the same issue, even though the solution seems “obvious” in hindsight :man_facepalming:

Yes, can confirm this is a leap day/year issue, looks like it’s even originating in coreboot:

Thanks for the workaround @Ragnar_Black-Mane