Can't update NK Storage fw


A friend of mine has a NK Storage 64 GB. He has problems to update the firmware, currently v 0.48.

The NK App say the password for changing firmware is the default, but when we try to change 12345678 to something new it say we have the wrong password.

What can we do to update the firmware?



Hi Pontus,

in which case is the App stating, that it is the default one? Which version are you using anyway?

The newest version at least will just try the default and go into firmware update mode right away if you ask it to do so and if the password is indeed the default one.

Kind regards


Nitrokey App v1.3.x suggests password change every time, when the entered string in the PIN/password window is equal 12345678 or 123456. It does not know the actual password set on the device. In case, where changing the password is not working, while entering the ‘supposed-to-be’ current password, I am afraid it is set to some other value. There is no method to recover or guess the firmware password by design, except for the pure brute-force attack.