Card reader with SPE for a flat OpenPGP card


Please excuse me for a slightly off topic since you do not have a flat card product yet, but I would like to try it in addition to your Nitrokey products like PRO2 and HSM2, something like this:

I guess it is almost the same in terms of its features as Nitrokey PRO of some version.

I would like to use it together with a smart card reader with an authorization button for each transaction or even better with a dedicated PIN pad working by SPE (Secure PIN Entry) interface, may be something like:

Please let me know, can such SPE reader + OpenPGP card work via familiar to us interface like OpenSC-PKCS11 and gnuPG? Will PINs be asked at PIN pad of the reader when gnuPG or PKCS11 transaction is started?

I would like to try this avoid sending PIN code through USB cable, according to reader’s description:

The ID Bridge CT700 by Gemalto is a class 2 reader featuring a keypad and display, adding secure PIN entry (SPE) functionality to the Gemalto PC-Link family of readers. It provides a highly secure way to enhance your smart card based application, by protecting the smart card pin code from unauthorized access. The PIN code is entered on and remains local to the reader, meaning the PIN is never transmitted to the PC. This is especially relevant in industries such as corporate security, internet commerce and online banking services, where it is key to have strong and confidential security.

Will it work as expected with OpenPGP Card + PKCS11 + gnuPG?