*.CER or/and *.CRT no convertable to *PAM?

i’m “playing” arround with my nitokey(s) (HSM and FIDO2)

i get from my Colleague our default CA, as a *.cer and/or a *.crt file, i work/play with thus files on debian (bullseye) and i will convert thus files via OpenSSL x509.

But, i get the “error” msg :slight_smile:

ser@debian:~/ca/certs$ sudo openssl x509 -inform der MYWINDOZE-CA.cer -outform MYWINDOZE-CA.pem
x509: Unknown parameter MYWINDOWS-CA.cer

what am i doing wrong? why is cer a wrong parameter? -Do I lack caffeine to understand? :roll_eyes:
perhaps I need to encapsulate the name of the file? :thinking:

-in filename
This specifies the input filename to read a certificate from or standard input if this option is not specified.
man x509 (1): Certificate display and signing utility

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thanks for help, but i can’t edit my post with a [SOLVED] Tag… i’ts normal here?

happy hacking