Change partitions on Nitro pc

I’ve recieved my nitro-pc (with cubes-os) in good order, but i’m not content with the drive setup.
I want to repartition the drive into 3 seperate drives. One drive with the OS and 2 extra drives that can be mounted in the diffent cubes.

I have 2 options here.

I can either boot G-Parted from an USB drive and reformat the drives. I’ve tried this approach, but if i press ESC during the boot, the boot manager cannot find any USB to boot from. Is there a special way to boot from USB?

Option 2 is to shrink the drive from the command-line and then make 2 new partitions in the space that became available. My linux is not good enough to do this on my own, so i need some help if this option is easier.

Hey @Terraxz

Option 1) generally the gparted approach should work, but keep in mind that your hard-drive is fully encrypted this might induce further challenges, cannot share any experience here, haven’t done this before.

Booting from USB does not always work nicely depending on the slot and the stick, the most reliable way is to use one of the USB2 ports and/or generally try more than once with different ports.

Option 2) overall I would be very careful, especially if you do not know how to do this, you might want not to do this at all.


I think there is no need for what you want to do. Qubes works with lvm thin pools and is actually quit good in handling the storage effectively. Your approach would also not have any security benefit since dom0 would also need access to these volumes. There is the case of a secondary slow drive Secondary storage | Qubes OS but from what I understand you working on 1 SSD.
If you want to create a extra block device for your Qubes you can do this with the qvm-block in dom0. I think changing the underlying partion setup of Qubes is a good way of getting in trouble :smiley:

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Ok, figured it out. I had to use a older type USB stick (8GB). That stick could be detected by the system as a bootable device (The 32GB version i used first couldn’t). I could continue from that point.