Changing the PINs of Nitrokey start

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I’ve got a Nitrokey Start and updated the smartcard with the current firmware. After that i wanted to change the admin and user PIN, but nether the Nitrokey App nor the nitropy-tool allows me to change a pin, except for the Nitrokey Pro 2.

Is there another way to change the PINs of Nitrokey Start?

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The Nitrokey Start works as a OpenPGP card and you can interact with it using gpg commandline tool. The instructions for Linux can be followed in a GitBash with Kleopatra on a Windows shell. Kleopatra also offers a graphical way in their GUI.

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thanks for your reply. I’ve tried it and it worked. Thank you very much!

Little off topic but: Do you know how to make the nitropy-Tool executeable for non root-users? I’ve always get warnings, that i shouldn’t execute it as root. Unfortunately the installer on Debian installed it to /root/.local/bin :confused:

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I would go with this method also because the tool is quickly evolving.

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Thanks, i’ll try that :slight_smile: