Chrome and Avast complaining about nitrokey-app-0.6.1.exe


I tried to download nitrokey-app-0.6.1.exe (SHA256 cc52e23d81474fb93bdaebc1b471ad5ede505cc24a532de6d65283eaf59bc8ad ) on Windows but Chrome (54.0.2840.99) keeps on complaining about “nitrokey-app-0.6.1.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous”. I had to manually click ‘keep’ otherwise Chrome would discard the file.

Right after opening the file, Avast is running deepscan and blocking the file. Virus chest complains about virus “DS#FinalB | A | algo;”
I’m currently running Avast program version 12.3.2280 and definition version 161205-0.

Virustotal site shows no virus detections
Hopefully just a false positive?

Where is the response?
Bitdefender alters too. What’s the matter?