Chromebook support

I have had a disaster and my pc has died, wont even boot. Im typing this via my chromebook, is there any way i can update my nitrokey 3a via android or chromebook?

What would you like to update on the Nitrokey?

My experiments with Chromebooks are a while back. I did not test Nitrokey 3 but if you activate Linux on your Chromebook, you can configure USB device passthrough. I was able to use gpg with a Nitrokey Storage on a device with Developer Mode enabled. My Chromebook was also able to boot from an Ubuntu USB flash drive. If that works on your device, I guess this would be the better approach.

Firmware, I would like to try fw 1.7.0 but without a windows PC it’s proving troublesome. I started the Linux environment on my chromebook, got the binary for nitrokey app2, but for the life of me couldn’t work out how to install it. Setting the binary to excecutable ?¿?
All a bit beyond me.

Any help or advice would be appreciated. Otherwise it’s £££ for a new pc