Comparison between Nitrokey HSM 2 and HSM 1

I know that Nitro Key HSM 1 is an old product, not sold anymore.

However, I think it would be valuable to have technical comparison (e.g. comparison table) between Nitro Key HSM 2 and HSM 1 included in the on-line documentation.

Is it possible?

That is the only thing I could find… :frowning:


Thanks for this pointer to the documentation.

Hi @volphy!

The link shared by @bezel (thank you!) is the right one. Do you need any other documentation?
In case you would like to see the User Manual for the latest Nitrokey HSM version please write to us via email to


I know that the Nitro Key HSM 2 fact sheet is available at:

Is there a Nitrokey_HSM1_factsheet.pdf document available somewhere?

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I had received multiple Nitrokey HSM 2 some days ago.

On the housing they are labeled with [LOGO]Nitrokey HSM.

By using several OpenSC tools I will always see …Nitrokey HSM 0…

How can I check that I have a HSM 2 device (nor a HSM1) ?

Edit: I found myself a way, listing the supported mechanisms:

pkcs11-tool -M


opensc-tool --list-algorithms