Compatibility of nitrokeys with brave browser

which nitrokeys support the brave browser? from my perspective it should work with brave because it’s based on chromium but i don’t want to spend money and regret it afterwards.

Not tested with Brave explicitly, but for testing/troubleshooting Nitrokey3, I got the feedback that I do not need to test with multiple browsers as long they all use the Chromium engine.

If we talk about a PC and not Android phone, I would say both FIDO and FIDO2 devices should work. Tested with Firefox, Chrome, Edge Browser and Nitrokey FIDO2 and Nitrokey 3 worked there.

Please be aware that there are some FIDO2 sites that might not work as expected. I think this is related to certain capabilities that a website might require. e.g. devices of a certain brand or with a certain security rating or capabilities like a user presence detection or resident keys. Also in a corporate context, an organization might limit multifactor options

My Nitrokey works in Firefox, but does not work in Chrome or other Chromium-based browser like Brave, with Bitwarden or AnonAddy.

I tried a Yubikey instead and it…just worked.

zcyph, i can’t tell you anything technially related but i am using a nitrokey 3a nfc and it works perfectly with brave and bitwarden. maybe you are using another nitrokey than the 3a nfc but with the 3a nfc it works well.