Consider alternatives to UPS when shipping to Canada/US

I’m from Canada and I ordered a few nitrokeys. UPS was the only option available as I remember. But they’re really terrible at managing deliveries. Kindly consider other options.

I am usually not home when they try to deliver, so as soon as I got the message that a delivery shall be attempted, I used their website to change the deliver location (through a link they provided in the notification SMS) and requested it to be held at their nearest facility (I did that within minutes of receiving the message) so that I can pick it up when returning from work.

Even though I have the confirmation of the holding request, they keep trying to deliver. I have people at the house who can take the deliver, but even though my phone number is available with them, they do not try to contact me when they’re at my door, and I miss the delivery.

They keep trying to deliver multiple times, and they automatically fall back to being held at their location. Thats an additional week of delay in getting the package, and its frustrating. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME with UPS. And its not just me. I’m done with them. Please, kindly offer alternatives.

Yeah, I am in Germany and have had the exact same issues – minus several delivery attempts – time and time again with UPS.

When I ordered the latest item from Nitrokey I intentionally selected registered letter as the option for delivery, but it came with UPS anyway. I got lucky this time, however, in that the UPS driver dropped it off in the mailbox.

PS: probably better to write an email directly to the shop contact, though.