Copy OTP secret key

I was trying out the OTP with Keepass plugin, and unfortunately confused my installation folders a bit and ran test on a working copy.

Now the OTP doesn’t work to unlock my database, and I don’t have a copy of secret key to unlock database in recovery mode.

I have admin and user PIN, so is there any way to copy the secret key from the configured HOTP slot?

There is absolutely no way to copy the OTP secret out of the Nitrokey. This is on purpose, a security feature.

If you use one-time passwords to protect Keepass database, you should try the latest Nitrokey App 0.6.2 because it fixes a related bug.

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This might have been my issue earlier… Gonna check… Feels like my OTP’sor HOTP changed to unlock the database… That, or i set it up in the wrong way.