Coreboot Nitrokey Pro 2 - Kernel update, no boot possible

NitroPad with pre-configured coreboot NK Pro2

Normally, it all works fine by following this update routine:

Now, with my latest QOS dom0 update I went into a crash which forced me to make a power off to reboot. This action killed somehow my coreboot boot routine / HOTP: Invalid code.

Tried but did not solved the issue with:

  • Refresh TOTP/HOTP
  • Options > Update Checksums and sign all files in /boot
  • TPM/TOTP/HOTP Options set UTC time

I could boot in with an old kernel but with the latest xen-4.8.5-35.fc25.gz I cannot boot in it freezes at kexec_core: Starting new kernel and red LED blink.

Solved: I have made a new HOTP.