Correct way to Import PKCS12


I have looked at the below.

Seems rather difficult to import said cert and key from a *.p12 file.
What is the official/correct way of doing this?
I have managed to import a cert in DER format on it’s own.
The PKCS12 file is also binary right so no need for any conversions?

Pardon my ignorance, but does the CA cert get imported too?

Thank you.


this forum post is really old. I suggest to have a look at our instructions first.

Please let us know if this did help you.

Kind regards


I managed to get the *.p12 installed.
The below command gives me an error at first try:

pkcs15-init -vv --delete-objects privkey,pubkey --id 03 --store-private-key …/Documents/robert.gabriel_ipa.gsoc.local.p12 --format pkcs12 --auth-id 03 --verify-pin

pkcs15-init: card-openpgp.c:2715: pgp_build_extended_header_list: Assertion `key_info->e_len <= req_e_len’ failed.

Second try succeeds.
Thank you.