Crypto Stick and Encryption Algorithm?

I have been doing some private research (personal research) about the various algorithms.

Will the new Crypto Stick have DSA & El Gamal and RSA? Or only RSA?

What about, in the near future, Elliptic Curve Cryptography?

ECC seems to offer some advantages over RSA (especially bit size) but I’m wondering if there are any disadvantages to ECC over RSA and DSA.

What is your take on these three algorithms? Is one algorithm really better than the other two? I have my opinions but I would love to know what other people think about these three and why they prefer one over another.

Only RSA will be supported for now but ECC is planned. DSA and El Gamal won’t be supported because I don’t see their advantage over RSA and ECC. You know RSA is the kind of “standard” asymmetric encryption algorithm and it’s for a good reason. The disadvantage of ECC is that it’s relatively new (compared to RSA) and hence not that well analysed by cryptographers and that it is patent protected. But ECC is very promising and it might be the way to go.

Yes, I agree with your analysis. We will have to wait and see about ECC. It does seem promising. The Kingston data traveler 6000 currently uses NSA suite B (ECC), instead of the normal RSA. I would imagine IronKey 3.0 will upgrade to ECC as well.

More research needs to be done on this but for the time being it does not seem very possible.

Right now, RSA is the best overall choice.

Any update on this? We need ECC support for ES256.

No update. It depends on when the new OpenPGP Card will be released (which is embedded in the Crypto Stick).