Deactivated Intel ME on NitroPC and NitroPad?

Hello Nitrokey team,

I have a question about NitroPC and NitroPad in connection with Intel ME. On the product page of the NitroPC you write that you have Intel ME disabled analog to the Nitropads.

The tool ME_Cleaner, which is used for this, offers support for two possibilities:

  • by removing the non-fundamental partitions and modules from the Intel ME firmware
  • by setting the HAP (Intel ME >= 11) or the AltMeDisable (Intel ME < 11) bit in the flash descriptor

However, it is known that ME_Cleaner no longer works on Intel 10th generation processors. There are indications that the HAP bit (2nd possibility) can be set manually. But if this is sufficient to deactivate the Intel ME, there is no proof to my knowledge.

Could you please explain how you disable the Intel ME on the NitroPC and how on the NitroPads? I have not been able to determine which of the two methods you use for each product.