Debian 12 - Nitrokey 3 - firmware 1.7.0


I followed the following procedure:

Everything works except that when I boot, my nitrokey3 is detected. I can type my password.

But it’s impossible to type on enter (I selected ok with tab), but nothing happens. Same thing if I plug in a USB keyboard.

Any idea what’s causing this problem?

Where’s the bash script? I’m trying to figure out why I can’t validate my PIN.

I continue to try to understand the problem.

Here’s a short video of where I’m stuck:

Unable to validate OK or Cancel.
As soon as I press return, nothing happens. But if I press return in the PIN field, it adds an entry to the password.

So there really is a problem with OK and Cancel.

I think the problem comes from this script:


But I don’t see why the return doesn’t work in this script. Once I’ve entered my PIN, I can’t validate it.

And now I’m running out of ideas :frowning:

I haven’t found a solution for GPG and luks.

However, I did find this solution, which has already been discussed on this forum.

FIDO2 + Luks

And it works very well.

My only regret is that there is no counter with nitrokey3 for fido2 to definitively lock the key as there is for GPG :frowning:

This is really a weird issue.

When moving the key to the OK button, does CTRL+M work? This is a Carriage Return.

I would also try CTRL+Enter.

nothing work :frowning:

so I switched to fido2, and it works perfectly.

My only regret is that there’s no counter with fido. Just take the key out and put it back in, and keep trying PINs.

I answer myself, after 7 or 8 attempts, the key must be reset. So there is a counter.

It’s just a shame it’s not stated in the documentation, faq.

But it works :slight_smile: