Determine if opcard is using se050

AFAIU with nk3 firmware 1.7.0, the secure element will be used after a factory reset of the opcard app.

Is it possible to tell whether the secure element is in use or not?

nitropy nk3 get-config opcard.use_se050_backend
Command line tool to interact with Nitrokey devices 0.4.47

For enabling SE050, a new key is required after the firmware installation, either in a factory blank or reset state. This means that either no key is present or a new key is generated after an app reset → Check for the creation date.

Generating an RSA4096 key using the cryptographic routines on the SE050 should result in a significant speed improvement and thus can be used to check whether it works.

Above command can also be used to disable it with set-configfalse|true

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