Disable PIN for integration

Hi everyone,

Im developing a small C library that uses the GPGME API and a Nitrokey Pro. The purpose of this library is to decrypt files encrypted on another PC with RSA.
Since the library will be integrated with another application the decription should require no user interaction - just plugin the Nitrokey and call the library.
There is one problem though - PIN entry. Is there a way to disable PIN entry when accessing the Nitrokey?

Thanks in advance.

AFAIK gpgme doesn’t support smart cards such as Nitrokey Pro. Doesn’t it?

There is no way to disable PIN entry. If you don’t want it I recommend to use default PIN and hard code it in your application.

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Well gpgme doesn’t talk directly with Nitrokey but through gpg. And since gpg detects and works with Nitrokey (I had to make some additional configurations though) I have no problem decrypting with gpgme.