Do you plan to produce Nitrokey PRO2 in a format of a card?

Sometimes I see readers like:

Is it possible to enter PGP card PIN from such a reader keyboard?

Can you please point me to an example of models and Linux config for a reader with integrated keyboard, preferably with a display indicating some important information from each OpenPGP card transaction and asking for an confirmation button presses?

For example to sign some message in Open PGP in LInux I would have to:

  1. Type a PIN code on the card reader small dedicated integrated keyboard. The same PIN which we enter on computers now when accessing OpenPGP card.

  2. See some info on the card reader display like which PGP key is going to be used and for which purpose, may be a few lines from the message to be sure right message is being signed if it is a transaction for singature operation.

  3. If everything looks OK then we press a confirmation button and transaction is allowed to pass.

I guess such implementation would require a dedicated single board ARM computer in addition to OpenPGP JavaCard chip and it could look something like a Trezor Wallet with more 123…90 keys, but even Nitrokey PRO2 is built of two chips like those, is not it?

No plans like that.

Well, I guess sometimes in the future I will have it custom made just on a dedicated Beaglebone Black ARM using general Nitrokey PRO2/HSM2 instead of a card but with a small display and keyboard both free (or very much reduced) from EMI side channel leaks unlike EMI leaks from general big full sized display and keyboard.

May be it will be even a small touch screen connected to a SoC board for a virtual keyboard like Florence.
I guess something like:
xvkbd -keypad
will suit well.