Donations and Purchases

I understand that the payment and donation policy of the Privacy Foundation is that of PayPal.

I loath (despise) PayPal.

Would it be possible to send donations via a Western Union money transfer?

Would it be possible to purchase products via a Western Union money transfer?

Would it be possible to send cash (Dollars, Euros, etc)?

I do not mean a money order.

Everything can go through email (OpenPGP encryption) and thus bypass PayPal.

Merry Christmas to all!

Purchasing products (Crypto Stick) is only possible via wire transfer and PayPal. For donations we might accept other ways, depending on the case. We also accepted Bitcoin earlier but it wasn’t used a lot.

Please clarify something for me.

By wire transfer, do you mean any wire transfer, including Western Union? or do you mean a bank wire transfer or some other specific transfer?

Thank you.


If you would like a donation, I will need to know more details. Perhaps a personal message with some additional details wouldn’t hurt.


I mean bank wire transfer. Not sure how much you intend to donate but exceptions might be possible if it is worth the effort.

Regarding purpose/usage of the funding/donations, you may see our latest announcement: … evelopment