Dual-booting Ubuntu and Qubes

A few days ago I received my NitroPad x230. Great stuff.

I’ve moved the OS to an SSD, which left me with 500 gig of free space. So I installes Qubes OS on that empty space, successfull.

I can still boot in the provided Ubuntu (with all security measures left intact), yet the bootloader doesn’t seem to have an option to boot into the newly created and populated partition. The partition is simply not shown.

Any ideas, help, pointers?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @cts!
Glad to hear you like it!

Regarding booting the second OS, unfortunately I think this actually might not be supported out of the box by the Heads firmware. If you are willing to do some tinkering I can give pointers, but I do not know how much work this requires. The Heads project could be found at:

In the second link you can find the booting script, which launches the target Linux kernel. Last one shows other tools, which should be usable during searching for other kernels and system partitions.
I do not see any open tickets for a similar problem.

I was told that heads can only support one ssd drive and one linux distro. Kind of odd eh?
But yeah, that may be why…

I believe Heads just have different priorities right now, and multi-boot is not a most requested feature. You can always ask them at the project’s site:

In any case all contributions are welcome.

Interesting, maybe if its asked enough, it will become one… :slight_smile:

If you find out how to do so successfully, let me know. :slight_smile:

Is this what you are asking for? Dual-booting Qubes and Ubuntu with Encrypted Disks

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