ECC Calculation Example with Nitrokey Start

May I know if there is any example on how to integrate Nitrokey Start to trigger the ecc calculation functions?


  1. You can use GPGME, which is a C API to GnuPG.
  2. In case you would like to run it directly, you can sniff the traffic exchanged in step 1, or look into the specification itself:

Note: This spec is describing version 3.4. Nitrokey Start is implementing fully version 2.0, with some extensions taken from 3.4, notably the ECC support for selected algorithms.

I think someone has used Nitrokey Start / GNUK as a Bitcoin wallet too as far as I remember, so perhaps you could find some related code in a web search.

Thanks for sharing, my plan is not only doing the signing, I want to trigger those modp256k1_sub/modp256k1_add/modp256k1_mul and edward related functions indeed and it is difficult to find related example on the web.