ECDH with Nitrokey

Say you have a Nitrokey with a cv25519 key pair. When you do ECC encryption, it is in fact a symmetric encryption with ECDH key exchange.

Are those low level functions for the key exchange exposed in the OpenPGP standard to the user and can they be used to just calculate a shared secret (multiply own private key with public key of communication partner)?

Possible use case would be the communication with an IoT device that is protected with a secure element.

If this is still relevant, yes the standard does support that, quote from currently the latest 3.4.1 (ECDH seems to have appeared in 3.0):

With its own private key and the given public key the card calculates a shared secret in
compliance with the Elliptic Curve Key Agreement Scheme from Diffie-Hellman. The
shared secret is returned in the response, all other calculation for deciphering are done
outside of the card.