Ed25519 being added to Nitrokey Pro?

Hi there. I see that Yubico is starting to roll out support for ed25519 and would love to see this in the Nitrokey Pro. The announcement for Curve25519 in the Nitrokey Start contains comments from @jan suggesting that we might get NK Pro support in 2018. Unfortunately the NK Start doesn’t meet my needs.

Any updates you can share on this before I go out and give Yubico money for an inferior (closed-source) product?


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Ah, just saw comments at the bottom :-/

Any possibility to see a Nitrokey Pro equipped w/ RSA 4096 AND Curve25519 support? Maybe in the course of 2019? For many people I know (including myself) this is really the feature combination they are waiting for. Thanks!

Sooner or later, that will come. Please subscribe our newsletter to get informed right away.

As long as our smart card vendor NXP doesn’t support Curve25519, Nitrokey Pro and Nitrokey Storage can’t support it either. I’m not aware that NXP wants to support Curve25519 anytime soon.