Enable/disable external access NextBox

Hi, I’m using the NextBox via both internal access (via LAN or VPN when outdoors) and via external access (guided dynamic DNS). However, since I would not always want to allow external access by others and therefore would like to limit my risk surface and exposure, it would be extremely handy if I could disable (and later enable) external access via an ON/OFF switch in my admin dashboard. Is something like this existing, or are you considering this as a future feature?

No one has a clue? Not even the people from NitroKey? Surely my question is not that exotic: this picture shows a screenshot from a Syncloud video which shows the settings in the Syncloud app that you can toggle: Dropbox - Screenshot Syncloud video.png - Simplify your life

As visible, one of the toggles is “External Access” in the router settings (as I understand within the Syncloud app but I don’t own a Syncloud device so cannot check this) which can be set to ON or OFF.

Is something like this also possible with the NextBox?