Encrypt home folder using Ecryptfs and tie to GnuPG based login

I want to encrypt my home folder (GalliumOS, which is Debian-based). Ideal would be that I login to the computer with the key (already working) and then my encrypted home folder is accessible because I identified myself with my key (not working, I do not have an encrypted home folder yet).

I think I can achieve the latter with Ecryptfs. I thought I could follow the guide at howtogeek.com/116032/how-to- … ng-ubuntu/, but it seems the encryption is based on the password (which my profile does not have - I only have the smart usb key). So my question is: can I encrypt my home folder with my smart key, and make it accessible after login in with my Nitrokey Pro?

In the tutorials on this site, a link is provided to an external blog (tkxuyen.com/blog/?p=293). However, my keys are overwritten and I believe no auto mounting is done.

Any help is appreciated.