Enigmail/Thunderbird + Linux Mint 17.3 (Cinnamon)

Hello There,

trying to get this combination to work without success.
The Enigmail option “Manage SmartCard” causes a “No Smart Card found in your reader”

gpg --card-status if run without root privileges throws:
gpg: OpenPGP card not available: general error

So far so good, stopping the gnome key ring lets me run --card-status without problems and without root but still Enigmail is unable to find the card.

What am I doing wrong here? Do I need to load additional modules in thunderbird?
Best regards!

If “gpg --card-status” can find the device but Enigmal doesn’t, you can try GnuPG2 instead of GnuPG1. Check Enigmail’s general settings for GnuPG’s path.

Oehm, nope enigmail doesn’t support gpg1 anymore and it is already configured to /usr/bin/gpg2.
Any other ideas?

Which GnuPG version are you using? GPG 2.0 seems still more stable than 2.1, just in case you are using 2.1…