Equilavent nitrokey to Yubikey 5C

What would be the closest nitrokey to this one? USB-C YubiKey 5C Two-Factor Security Key | Yubico
It’s fine if it’s normal USB, not USB-C required.


I think you would like Nitrokey 3 NFC, once all its features will be finished. Right now it offers only FIDO2, but OTP and OpenPGP card are on the way (I expect them in the stable release in the next 2 months, hopefully earlier; they are already available in the alpha firmware release). See the comparison table at:

Nitrokey App2, the GUI application for firmware update and OTP handling, is on the way for it as well.

If you can’t wait and need something with already available features, a Nitrokey Pro + Nitrokey 3 C pair would be equivalent to the Yubikey 5C. From these the Nitrokey Pro however does not have touch button support. Finally, it can be handled by the Nitrokey App.

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Does it already support HMAC-SHA1?

Except if you need NFC. The Nitorkey can not power the secure element over NFC, which makes NFC useage quite questionable. The device from the other vendor can use all USB features also over NFC.


That’s a good point NFC is useless for my me. What would be the simplest nitrokey equivalent to the 5C? I don’t need extra features.

  1. Except for NFC, all Nitrokey 3 models are designed to have equivalent features and security. Nitrokey 3 Mini is a small factor of Nitrokey 3, and does not have NFC support.
  2. I confirm what @ricsi says - the secure element cannot be powered over NFC at the moment. However we plan to allow users to grade security requirements of the credentials, so some of these could be stored PIN-encrypted, and hence available over NFC.
  3. I have learned today that the HMAC-SHA1 support (e.g. for use with KeepassXC) is planned to come within the next 3 months.