Failed provisioner test

After upgrading my NK3A to version v1.3.1 I get this failed test. Should I worry about it?

1293 DEBUG root print: [2/5] version Firmware version query SUCCESS v1.3.1
1301 INFO pynitrokey.cli.nk3.test Device status: Status(init_status=<InitStatus.0: 0>, ifs_blocks=60, efs_blocks=478)
1301 DEBUG root print: [3/5] status Device status SUCCESS Status(init_status=<InitStatus.0: 0>, ifs_blocks=60, efs_blocks=478)
1309 ERROR pynitrokey.cli.nk3.test An exception occured during the execution of the test provisioner:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “pynitrokey/cli/nk3/”, line 365, in run_tests
File “pynitrokey/cli/nk3/”, line 226, in test_firmware_mode
File “pynitrokey/cli/nk3/”, line 196, in find_smartcard
File “smartcard/”, line 41, in readers
File “smartcard/reader/”, line 58, in readers
File “smartcard/pcsc/”, line 111, in readers
File “smartcard/pcsc/”, line 56, in init
File “smartcard/pcsc/”, line 70, in renewContext
File “smartcard/pcsc/”, line 40, in init
smartcard.pcsc.PCSCExceptions.EstablishContextException: Failed to establish context: Service not available. (0x8010001D)
1310 DEBUG root print: [4/5] provisioner Firmware mode FAILURE Failed to establish context: Service not available. (0x8010001D)

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No, nothing to worry about. This test is mostly relevant during production and will be disabled by default in the next pynitrokey release.

Great, thank you!