FAQ - Qubes 4.1 Upgrade | NitroPad 230

I share my Qubes 4.1 reinstall procedure.

1.) Get Qubes 4.1 here
2) Make sure the NitroPad has the right Nitrokey firmware
If NPF upgrade is not working, extract the NPF.
On a Linux desktop just double click and sig and rom file will be made available in the unzip directory.
3) Boot NitroPad with your Nitrokey → in BIOS → options → boot options → USB BOOT
4) QUBES USB in USB port, requires removal of the Nitrokey USB
5) Qubes installer boots, takes a bit of time
5a - Current disk space is completely allocated to the previous install
5b - Remove old LVM group create a new LVM group with automatic partitioning
5c - Save it ! Not saving makes it impossible to install as there is not enough storage space available. (assumption)
5d - Follow the Qubes installer steps
5e - Remove the Qubes USB after final step from usb port
5f - Plugin your Nitrokey USB in the usb port
6) After reboot
In step 5 a installer is created on the disk, simply said the install is not finalized and goes in a second phase.
6a Go in BIOS → Options → Boot options → force a boot
6b Follow the Qubes install proces
6c Reboot
7 Create the default boot
7a Update checksums and sign all files in /boot
7b U can alway bypass step 7a with force a boot
(Bios → options → boot options → force boot)

This should do it !