Feature Request: Monero payments

It would be nice if Nitrokey GmbH accepted Monero as a payment option. For those that don’t know, Monero (XMR) is an anonymous cryptocurrency with much better privacy features than Bitcoin. Thanks.

And delivery to a hollowed out tree?

What is the benefit to pay anonymously and having a postal address in your name?

Nitrokey as a German company has to adhere to GDPR with „the right to be forgotten“ which is IMHO already a pretty good privacy standard.

Although the posibility to receice a Nitrokey in a hollowed out tree is intriguing, that’s not the point of my request.

If I use a credit card or a bank account or Bitcoin there are a number of third parties that will know about the transaction, or are likely to find out. I want to be able to pay with Monero so that only I and Nitrokey will know about it. I think this is a useful feature for others as well who prefer to leak as little data as possible to third parties.