Feature Request Nitrokey testpage

Giving a disappointing trial with NitroKey FIDO UDF for gmail authentication i wondered if there is such a thing as a Nitrokey testing portal. Where one can test in a simple yet effective way the functionality of the FIDO U2F key and other keys against.


You can test it on any U2F test page, e.g. https://u2f.bin.coffee/.

Could you provide more details about the issue?
What browser do you use? If Firefox, have you activated U2F support in its settings?
If your OS is Linux (e.g. Ubuntu 18.04), have you installed the Udev rules file?

I ran into troubles as well, but it turned out that either my Firefox install had a config glitch, or some other configuration setting in Mint prevented me to use the FIDO U2F. I tested the Nitrokey FIDO U2FO on a fresh install with Ubuntu and Mint and both times it worked immediately.

Of note is the following:

Google only accepts the Chrome/Chromium browser for registering the Nitrokey FIDO U2F. Logging in with the Nitrokey FIDO U2F works fine with Firefox though.

source: https://www.nitrokey.com/documentation/installation#p:nitrokey-fido-u2f

Firefox needs a config flag changed (see https://www.nitrokey.com/documentation/enabling-u2f-firefox )
And in Linux you need the udev rules. These are the prerequisites.

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I think you indeed can test it on this very site, but I don’t remember exactly how (you have to go to your profile and ask to change the identification means from just password to ‘with the key’; I did it once, but possibly not the FIDO way…)
[later on] Ah, my bad, I fear Fido is just the one that doesn’t work here…