FIDO Authenticator Certification Level 1 (L1)

I own 2 Nitrokey FIDO2 devices. On under “Technical Details” I can find that they do support: Authentication standards: WebAuthentication (WebAuthn), CTAP2/FIDO2, CTAP1/FIDO U2F 1.2.

I was trying to add the keys to for Czech government state administration purposes but I get an error stating that at least a FIDO L1 certified device is needed: Authenticator Level 1 - FIDO Alliance
According to the support I got from the Nitrokey FIDO2 does not have the certification?
Can you please help / advice?

the nitrokey FIDO2 is iirc based on the solo which does have FIDO2 L1, chances might be tho that for some reason it’s not in the MDS3 (Metadata Service) lists yet. at least when I checked Solokeys a few months ago they werent in yet.