Finding a Backup Device

I have been struggling in finding a backup that I’m confident will work with the Nextbox, since it’s difficult to guarantee that no power will be required through the USB connection as well as the power outlet (with a backup device not working due to power overload, even with an external power supply).
Are there any suggestions from fellow Nextbox users as to commercially available backup devices which both work with the Nextbox and have a significant storage capacity (preferably over 500GB)?

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Using an “Intenso Memory Center” (with 6 TB of storage) for creating a backup went smoothly a few days ago. Usually, it’s connected to my FritzBox router and serves as a backup and media (poor man’s) “NAS” for the other computers.
Edited to add: I created two ext4 partitions on it.

Thank’s Iothar, that’s really useful. I’ll have a look into it!