Firmware for T430 and Qubes 4.1

The legacy (i.e., non-maximized) firmware for the T430 that I just downloaded [from Release v2.1 - Nitropad NV41 / NS50 / X230 / T430 · Nitrokey/heads · GitHub] says that it is version 2.1. This makes sense in that I need at least version 1.4 to run Qubes 4.1. However, the .rom file inside says that it is only version 0.2.0 ! In addition, the checksum value in the included sha256sum.txt file differs from that in the sha256sum file that I also just downloaded as per the documented instructions at Firmware Update - Nitrokey Documentation.

What is the correct firmware to use in order to upgrade from Qubes 4.0 to 4.1 on a T430, where do I get it, and what is its correct checksum?