Firmware sums not matching

When comparing the exported firmware from the NitroKey Storage with the git release version V0.48 I am not getting the same sha256sum.

$ sha256sum firmware.bin
a2f7194e83fcaf456b6e43230b4f46a031c08d4a783c838ad6cdacf7c59ce483 firmware.bin

$ sha256sum firmware_V0.48.0.bin
7ac82836ed281681540666c9d2545cfcb63271ca549a21f6424cd3a2182be5cf firmware_V0.48.0.bin

Looking at the binaries I noticed that unassigned address space is being exported with FF. Is there same way around this?

$ aptitude show nitrokey-app |grep -i version
Version: 0.6.3-1

$ colordiff -y <(xxd firmware.bin) <(xxd firmware_V0.48.0.bin) | more

Just for the record, this topic has already been discussed here.

I marked as solved, as the discussion will go on github issue page.

Thank you but the link to the github discussion is to my own post on github =)

Using srec_cat (from srecord pkg in Debian) almost all the 0 are set to 1 (FF). The issue is that there are a few small regions in the dump that still have series of 0 in empty address space.

All the 0 from the empty address space at the end of the dump are now FF as it should be. I can visually inspect the dumps and confirm the integrity though. Should this issue still be open?

$ srec_cat firmware_V0.48.0.bin --Binary --offset=0x00000000 -fill 0xFF 0x00000 0x3E000 --output firmware_V0.48.0_filled.bin --Binary

Sure, I know :blush: I just meant that I will take the github issue as discussion base. I don’t know what the best way is to fix this yet. I try to think about it at end of the week.