Firmware Update available for HSM1 (2.7) and HSM2 (3.5)

A new firmware for the secure element is available in the PKI-as-a-Service Portal.

HSM1 with serial DENK0100751 or higher (except for DENK0101764 to DENK0101772) can be upgraded to V2.7. HSM2 can be upgraded to V3.5.

For the HSM1 this will be the last firmware update, the HSM2 will still receive security updates.

We generally advice to use the latest available software version and to replaces devices for which no further updates are available.


Firmware updates are now also provided for HSM1 in the range DENK0100001 to DENK0100750 and DENK0101764 to DENK0101772. Those devices can update to V2.6, which is the next release for that platform (JCOP241r3).

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im curious what changed with version 3.5 for HSM2?

Is it worth an upgrade? Can you provide a changelog?

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The release notes (available on the devnet page) mention a v4.0 for JCOP4.

Will there be a NitroKey HSM version with this applet?

Will the startup/signing performance be higher?

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