Give me a quick answer if possible.. why is the encrypted storage read-only on some linux machines?

I need to backup stuff sometimes on encrypted storage but when i try and create a folder it says read-only. how do i fix this quick?? It works on some of my machines… not others.
It is sometimes read only sometimes not. why??? How do i fix it?

You can check if you are the owner of the directory and see if you have the rights to write with ls -l.
If you are not the owner chown is the right command to change it, if you are the owner but you are missing the permission to write chmod is the command you need to use (I assume you are using Linux). Check out the documentations for these commands in the ubuntu wiki to find out the right syntax.
However this does not answer why you experiance that behaviour, it might only help you to fix it.

Thank you. Yes, but it’s wierd i even got it in the first place. So what linux command would i use in the root encrypted folder to give every folder the right permission then?
Right now the root folders have:

But i can’t copy or create a folder… Why is that? How do i change it? I have not changed anything… I think the nitrokey did this on it’s own and i don’t want to destroy the permissions…

When i try to change a folder with:
sudo chmod 777 folder
I get:
chmod: changing permissions of ‘folder/’: Read-only file system

So again. Can you guide me more? I did read some about permissions… What do if i can’t change permissions with sudo su or sudo command?
This is very wierd! If i check about nitrokey it says: encrypted READ/WRITE.
I still can’t even create a folder or copy there… So what do i do exactly? Why do i have this issue? Thank you

Can someone reply to how you should chmod if you don’t have the permissions?

For some reason, the filesystem is mounted readonly. Unfortunately, I have no idea what encrypted storage are you using and how - so I can’t help.