GPG Errors: key transfer

I just received my Nitrokey Storage, and I’ve been setting it up…

I’ve had the same results trying this from OS X and from Linux

I do the usual routine to transfer my keys to the device:

$ gpg --edit-key <key> gpg> toggle gpg> key 1 gpg> keytocard gpg: KEYTOCARD failed: General error

I’m also seeing errors where he Nitrokey App shows the Nitrokey as being added/removed every few seconds – the key itself isn’t moving. GPG seems to see similar behavior, as --edit-card will occasionally think the Nitrokey has been unplugged.

I’ve tried updating to the firmware in

Does this sound like a hardware or firmware issue?

We just released firmware 0.44 which solves this issue. Download:

More details: Schlüsselerzeugung auf Nitrokey Storage scheitert