Gpg4win (Windows 7) does not recognize Nitrokey Pro on Notebooks with built-in smartcard reader. SOLUTION!

I am using a Dell Latitude Notebook with a built-in smartcard reader (in my case: Broadcom Corp Contacted SmartCard, shown as “Broadcom Usbccid Smartcard reader (WUDF)” in the device manager).

After plugging in the Nitrokey Pro

failed with the message

[quote]gpg: selecting openpgp failed: unknown command
gpg: OpenPGP card not available: general error[/quote]

Using the GPA tool of Ggp4win showed “No smartcard detected” in the Smartcard admin dialog.


  1. Open the GPA tool (GNU Privacy Assistent)
  2. Windows > Card Administration
  3. Edit > Backend settings
  4. Select the tab “Smartcard Daemon”
  5. Set the “reader-port” to “user defined value” and enter “Nitrokey Nitrokey Pro 0” as value
  6. Close the GPA tool
  7. Restart the gpa-agent to enable the new settings:

gpg-connect-agent killagent /bye gpg-connect-agent /bye

Alternatively you can edit the file “scdaemon.conf” in the folder
"C:\Users<your user name>\AppData\gnupg" and add the reader port manually:

Don’t forget to restart the gpa-agent as described above to activate the changed settings.

If you cannot find the gnupg folder enter “%appdata%” into the file explorer and hit enter.

How to diagnose the problem

If you use the GPA tool to enable the logging of the Smartcard Daemon into a file (debug level 1000)
the log file will contain an error message and two (or more) entries showing the detected smart readers:

The scd daemon shows the exact name of the Nitrokey smartcard “reader” that you have use as reader port setting.
I mention this just in case you have the same problem but use another type of smartcard or crypto stick.

@admin: Since it is quite common that notebooks have a built-in smartcard reader I would suggest to add this solution to installation instructions on your web site or at least into the FAQ section!

Thank you for the clear instructions!

So far nobody else reported this problem which is why it doesn’t really qualify for a Frequently Asked Question. :slight_smile: But I will add it to the FAQ in case more people have the same problem. Thank you.

Adding a FAQ entry is perfect.

Since Dell notebooks are quite common in many companies I thought I am not alone with this problem.

Always a pleasure to support open software (and hardware)…!