Hardware Availability?

Hi Jan :smiley:
how about the availability of your hardware ? In the shop the Pro2, HSM and Fido are all announced as “may be Oct”. Since there are only a few days left, will it be Oct 1018 ? Can you share the current status ?
Thanks !

PS: Who has made the rule that the title have to have 15 letters at least ?

We started shipping Nitrokey Pro 2, HSM, and Start today. Shipping of FIDO U2F is planned for next week.

This is the default by the software. Let me check how to remove it…

Cool, then I will place my order now … :smiley:

Or… maybe don’t. Being allowed to use too few characters provoke not meaningful subject titles like “Help” imho.

Understand and I think you are right: my first title was “Availability” when the app told it is too short. So changing it to “Hardware Availability” fixed the problem and is really a bit clearer. So I am good with that.

BUT: Shiping starts when “Überweisung” is done, while I can imagine that credit card would have allowed shipping ASAP ? (nothing is mentioned during the choice) I decided to use Überweisung to prevent you from extra credit card charges, now I have to wait more days. Next Time I think I will use credit card. Why you are not choosing “Lastschrift” ? Have you had some trouble with that ?

In general you are right but right now it doesn’t make a difference because we need two or three days to ship all pending orders first.

Lastschrift would require major effort because it can’t be implemented easily with our shopping system as well as with our bank.

ok, thanks for the background information !