Heads 1.4 keeps crashing

From the GH ticket:

I have never had a crash issue, with the previous version of heads, on my nitropad T430i
but the moment I upgraded, yeah… things went bad, it keeps crashing after less than 20 minutes of usage. No idea why…

It happens when I am within my operating system on it, so I don’t see what is going on beneath it, aka, no real signs of errors, etc…
Am I missing something?

(moved from 1.4 version of heads keeps crashing · Issue #13 · Nitrokey/heads · GitHub)

I also don’t have the GUI after upgrading to 1.4…

kind of odd right?

EDIT: I used the 1.4 T430.npf on it, but I wonder if I was supposed to, unzip it first…

Not quite sure…

Let me know.

Btw, I should add, I just reflashed, to 1.3.1, it looks correct again, so far… will let you know if it freezes again, in the next 30 minutes or more

But yeah, 1.4 hasn’t been great so far.

Small update, to my original post, 1.3.1 works the same as before!


I don’t know why it failed before on my T430…

Weird stuff man… respond whenever, I am waiting.


not having the framebuffer gui, just the ascii one, is expected if you use the internal flashing. If I understand you right Crashing means the OS crashes after some time, can you specific the OS and maybe the build in RAM and what CPU you use? we can also move this to our internal support via support@nitrokey.com if you don’t want to share this in pubilc