Help! Nextbox eternal boot loop

This morning I got the idea of launching a backup on the external disk.
Arriving into the system panel I saw the USB disk just was not visible, contrary to usual*.
I decided to reboot the full system.
Since then, I never could reach the final ‘green’ stage.

I tried to remove the USB disk, even unplugging the ethernet line and leaving the Nextbox itelf unplugged 10mn so that it’d be colder on next start. No result.
Short presses on the reset button do not bring the blue light (I didn’t dare to wait more than 3~4s in order not to reset everything)

What I get is the following ‘boot’ sequence:

  • no light
  • fast flashing green light
  • fix green light during like 2~3s
  • return to fast flashing green.

What could I do?

(*) 6-month old USB, only used for this use, behind a powered USB hub (also new) -but anyhow, the NB behavior is the same without USB connected…

Hey @Herve5 ,

oh no, this should not happen, please directly write to the support (at) nitrokey (dot) com address including your SOxxxxxx there we can directly help you.

My first guess is that it looks like nextcloud does not start correctly (fast blinking green means: waiting for nextcloud to start)… means docker might be in a weird state, it might maybe already help to delete the contents of /srv/docker/


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Thank you @daringer , I’m going to try this!
By the way, if I do a complete factory reset, counting on my backup disk to repopulate everything, would my settings on be maintained through the process?
Thanks again for your reactivity!

er, you really mean deleting everything in that directory?

nextuser@nextbox:/srv/docker $ sudo ls
builder   containerd  image    overlay2  runtimes  tmp	  volumes
buildkit  containers  network  plugins	 swarm	   trust

yes (just the contents, all of them), not the directory itself this has to remain there…

maybe also stop the nextbox-daemon and nextbox-compose before (systemctl stop nextbox-{daemon,compose}), just to be sure … then deleting the contents of this directory will trigger docker during next reboot to re-create itself (and re-download so it will take some time depending on your inet connection)…

would my settings on be maintained through the process?

yes, they should be restored - backup/restore will anyways change in the near future - the nextcloud-native way is better, so we will transition towards this in the future

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Thank you Markus. Just did this; now after a sudo reboot indeed there is a lot of activity on the ethnet LED.
And the green light blinks again, but I presume this behavior is normal until everything needed has been downloaded?
If anything, I’ll leave it blinking all night long, and I’ll re-check tomorrow morning.
Thanks again!

(FWIW all subfolders have been re-created indeed, and after 1/2h the mem/cpu uses are now as below, knowing I’m on a 600Mb/s minimal fiber connexion. Green still blinking.

[edit] @daringer Markus, on the morning after nothing changed, green still blinking. I’ll follow your advice and contact the support. (what is this SOxxxx you mention indeed? On my device th is only a single marking, which is a series of numbers without “SO”)

@daringer Markus, a new element of information : having no answer from support (at) nitrokey dot com, when leaving Paris I decided to pack and take the Nextbox with me.
I am now in Toulouse for two weeks, and I wished to show the faulty sequence to my SO.

To show her I just plugged the NB on its mains adapter, without it being connected elsewhere in any way (no ethernet, no USB disk, just the USB power).
To my surprise, after a rather short time the NB ended plain green!

Overexcited, I then found an ethernet cable and connected the NB to the internet LAN here, like it was in Paris.
Reboot. => Same eternal blinking!

So in short, the Nextbox seems to converge properly to plain green when not connected to the LAN, but falls back to the eternal blinking when it is connected…

Does this new, unexpected behavior give any information about the problem?


[edit] If I unplug the ethernet cable during the permanent blinking, after a minute or two the blinking turns twice faster then the ordinary blinking loop restarts. So I don’t get the permanent green, contrary to a cold unplugged start.

If I ‘start unplugged’, reach the permanent green light, then plug the ethernet cable, the green maintains itself without blinking and there is activity on the ethernet cable!
But when I then try connecting, contrary to before, something happens (ordinarily I only get a connection fault message), but what happens seems an eternal cycle of page reloading itself, and if I interrupt the reloading the page is blank.
(remember that because I moved the Nextbox my current WAN url is not anymore the same than yesterday in Paris -I don’t know if this has an influence ; logging in dSEC to see recent activity showed indeed what I interpret as a connection some minutes ago)