Hidden volume and plausible deniability

i want to ask you about hidden volumes at my nk storage. Isnt it its whole purphose to be deniable? I ask myself how this is possible if the app has “unlock hidden volume” feature.

On other hand everyone knows about NK Storage and its hidden volume capability. What is the whole point to have it then?

thanks for answers

Hi! Doesn’t the explanation in our documentation explain it sufficiently?

Hidden volumes allow to hide data in the encrypted volume. The data is protected with an additional password. Without the password the data existence’s can’t be proven. Hidden volumes are not setup by default so that their existence can be denied plausibly. The concept is similar to VeraCrypt’s/TrueCrypt’s hidden volume but with Nitrokey Storage the entire functionality of hidden volumes is implemented in hardware.

Ok i must have missed that part.

I have following situation, i have setuped a hidden partition and it was working, then i have deleted the content so it has generated new AES key etc. Now i have the problem that i cannot setup new hidden volume:

this is the error i am getting. How do i reset the hidden volume? It was setuped as slot1 once. I want to restore to factory settings.

Second issue is that “these instructions” link does not contain any instructions but this is less problem for me but for general bug reporting this may be useful.

I am using:

Btw it says “Hidden volume” not active, isnt this a conflict for plausibility?

Even the device can’t “know” if a hidden volume exists until you enter a password for a hidden volume. Where do you see this message?


This means that no hidden volume is active = unlocked.

jan, do you mind to check my problem with hidden container, any hints there? (second post of me)

We registered this issue at Github, here.

One simple thing I forgot: The counter/watermark should be reset by removing the device. Please do so and try again.

Also, you are using an old firmware. Please update your firmware before testing again.