Hidden volume config

Hello !
I have read " Hidden volume" in encrypted storage can be configure using Nitrokey App from the following link:

As Nitrokey App does not work for nitrokey3a NFC. My question is then how to use the feature of configuring hidden volume without having Nitrokey App.
Kindly guide me simple steps to do hard disk encryption having hidden volmues using nitrokey 3a NFC device in ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS.


This is a feature only available with Nitrokey Storage that contains a Micro SD Card with a public and secure partition.

The Nitrokey 3 does only include storage to store FIDO2 keys and is not usable as a general purpose flash drive.


Thank you nku for your guidance.

can I use nitrokey 3A NFC for encryption of data stored in hard disk of my PC?

You could use gpg to encrypt individual files or use FIDO2 to unlock LUKS volumes.

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Thank you nku.
I have nitrokey 3a NFC.
I will try this and let you know when I will achieve successful encryption of files/folders .