How can I check NFC functionality

Dear All,

I have a Nitrokey 3 USB-A (with NFC). I read the “Status Update, 2/5/2022” that advises about a broken NFC functionality.
How can I test (reliable) this functionality? I just tried with my smartphone (op6) and it seems broken…




Please check the below:

When I was testing it myself the first time, I missed that only one side of the stick was working with NFC.

Hi @szszszsz ,

I tried the suggest NFc tester but It’s very hard to have a reliable read. The back side seems to be a little reliable.
I also tested the functionality using Chrome and accessing Github a lot of time and just one/two times I had success.


It looks like you might be affected by the problem mentioned in the status update. Please contact our support over email - - for the further replacement procedure steps, linking to this topic.

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