How do you import a publickey.asc and a secretkey.asc with pass password manager on another computer step by step?

Hello experts.
I have with help managed to use pass in debian with the nitrokey and it’s a great experience! very smooth!
I did backup the privatekey.asc and the secretkey.asc, and i’m not sure which key ended up on the nitrokey smartcard.
Now i want to move the passwords to another computer. How do i do that?

.gpg files end up in some hidden file in home, should i copy those or export in some ways, and how do i set up pass on the other machine? Any links you could share?

is this one outdated?

I had .asc and not .key… Not sure if i backed up correctly… I might have the private key on the nitrokey. I generated like 4 i think last time… Signing, authentication i have not learnt PGP yet… I might just need to import the public on the machine and use the nitrokey as the private? Will the secret/pricate collide in pgp?

Everything works good today… wierd. Maybe the reboot. No errors… So yeah i just imported the keys and copied over the folders and everything is working fine! Thanks anyways