How many Passkeys can be stored on a Nitrokey?

as far as I now I could store Passkeys on a Nitrokey. But I can’t find a info how many of them I can store. I think the number for Nitrokey 3 would be most relevant, but are there differences in storage to older Nitrokeys?

Hey @Anigma,

the only older Nitrokey that can store Passkeys is the Nitrokey FIDO2, which supports 10 Passkeys.
The Nitrokey 3 currently is also restricted to 10 Passkeys, but we are currently working on increasing this number.

The background for this is that Passkeys are in fact nothing new, they exists for quite a while within the FIDO2 standard - but mostly known as “discoverable credentials” and/or “Resident Keys”. Now that the “big players” move this topic forward (mostly from a marketing perspective, e.g., Android-support for FIDO2 tokens is still missing) and have given it a fancy new name, more services will support Passkeys and we will therefore also increase the number of available Passkeys that can be stored on the Nitrokey 3.

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Hi @daringer @Anigma,

that’s a great question and I’m glad Nitrokey team is on it. @daringer what’s your estimate on how many keys you will be able to squeeze in?

How can i manage / delete credentials? I’m testing in a dev environment and now my nitrokey is full. The nitrokey app just manages OTP’s… not passkeys.

You could either use nitropy or your web browser to delete some entries.

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Nitokey app only let’s you mess around with OTP and passwords, not credentials.
In nitropy though, I was misled by only looking at nk3 options in nitropy menu, I have since had to look at fido2 options and can see credentials management there. Thank you

Hi @daringer,

the NK3 keys I just purchased (in june 2024, i. e. more than half a year after you wrote about your plans to increase this limit) still report a capacity of “about 10” resident keys.

With a limit of only 10 keys it doesn’t make much sense to use the NK3 for passkeys (which need to be “discoverable/resident” keys, right?).

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